Welcome to the last year of this textual/visual diary. Exploring words, spaces and aesthetics. 

Sometimes it Pours

Sometimes it Pours

"As light as the rain seems it still rains down on you" - Claudia Rankine / Citizen

But why does it only pour after you leave them all, the judge gets off and the bartender goes home? And you're left with the late night work  of mopping the floors ... It rains so hard when you're alone, fighting desperately to feel at home in yourself even though your roof leaks. To love yourself even though sometimes you don't speak.

Sometimes It Pours is about "forgiving ourselves in the times where we haven't responded to racism in the best, sassiest, radical, most retweetable ways" and  addresses  the feeling of what's perceived as "imagined" racism and micro-aggressions that actually hold real. Drawn from Maya's experiences of both at home (South Africa) and abroad (America), this stands as a reflection of her past encounters and forgiving the moment(s) where she felt she "wanted to have said more and didn't"

Filmed by Flourish and Multiply / Check out more of Maya's work here and like her page here


I Forget Where We Were