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Boat trip around Corfu.

Boat trip around Corfu.

Boat trip around the coast of Corfu. Despite being slightly fearful for my life (massive bodies of wated and I don't get along, you see) I had an amazing time and tan! Really enjoyed just kicking back and seeing Albania from a distance.

Stopped for a little swim at Kalami :)

One thing I love about these photos is how well and organised this all look while the truth is;  we had no clue where we were half the time! Funny part was how lost the map in the sea once or twice, along with my dad's cap! It was absolutely hilarious since my little sister had to drive the boat, as dad jumped in to get his cap. 

Must say, this was quite a trip and look forward to visiting Corfu again. One of the most relaxing holidays ever. A deep love for this place has definitely developed.


Anywhere that looks hilly and taken from a LONG distance is



We stopped for a swim at


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Sinies & Corfu Town

Sinies & Corfu Town