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what is my voice?

Photo: Pinterest

I think it’s a little bit weird having a blog. Every blog post published feels like a … I actually don’t know. I don’t have any words to describe it really, except you feel that you die a little bit inside. I’ve not had a blog long – well one that I actually write and post photos because 

I've always felt this bulge in my throat every time I want to say something or write about it because, I almost become a different person when I write and photograph.

I've been writing stories and poems since the age of 13 so I had taught myself the discipline of calming my mind and channelling my thoughts, mainly the chaotic ones.

So I would like to apologise for the slow pace of the blog picking up but I find myself at the same crossroads (I always seem to find myself here) of wondering, what is my voice?

There is a temptation to sound different – as I change when I write and take photos; I become a poet in my own right. I may not be Shakespeare, Yeats, Plath or perhaps ‘anything significant’ … but I am a voice. And 

I've decided to just be real with that voice. I hope you will still enjoy the content, and perhaps even... ME.

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