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new beginnings

There are some of us who, as we try more to ‘reach’ for success, lose sight of ourselves… who we are, our essence, our fire. This could be one of two things; 
1. that we are lucky enough to stop and notice that there are bits of ourselves accidentally fell behind 
2. that we are in a way unlucky because it means we are scared to embark on a new journey that lays ahead of us.

It is a catch because it is occasional that you can tell the difference between the two, as they weave and tangle into each other. They are tightly knit, and form the fabric of who we are and why we do what we do. 

This however doesn’t mean that it is a hopeless case because they point north and south…but rather it calls us to stop and ask ourselves: what is it that we fear? Are we perhaps too self-critical?

Whatever questions may arise, the answer lays in them. the answer is to look back at all you have done and weigh both these notions then figure out which way to go. Sometimes it is one or the other, but other times it is both. Take your time, figure out your rhythm and then press on. Nothing will feel more liberating than that moment. I wrestled with this thought for a while. I was fortunate enough to figure what it was that was precious and left behind, but also to have someone point out that I was scared for the journey ahead of me. 

Personally, the next 10 months will be quite a game changer for who I am as a person, and how I see myself (both as a person and artist). But knowing that there’s a spark I must get back, and that I have a fear to overcome makes the next step a little easier to take. And one I look forward to taking. 

And so it begins.
Sinies & Corfu Town

Sinies & Corfu Town

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