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8 ways to cope with Post-Grad/Unemployment blues.

8 ways to cope with Post-Grad/Unemployment blues.

It’s always easier to imagine the future with all these fun-packed things and projects you’re going to do. When the reality hits, it’s always a bit different innit? I thought being a graduate would be absolutely fantastic. After summer I’d get up on my feet, get moving but the reality was different…I slumped and got depressed. It’s now October 8th, which marks a month since my return to Dublin and so far I have found myself coping better, smiling, keeping positive and busy. Thought I'd share a mini list of what I have been doing for those dark days.

 1. Have a day to yourself. 

The experience of having all that “free” time is overwhelming. Take a day to acknowledge all the emotions running through you and just let them out. It may take a day or two, or even three.

 2. When feeling down, do something productive.

You don’t have to go through hoops of fire to be productive, the answer could just be reading a book, answering emails, editing a photo, writing a blog post or making that one phone call you’ve been putting off.

3. Get off Facebook.

You will feel heaps better without reading all those “amazing” things your friends are doing half-way across the world or even half way across town. Don’t compare your behind the scenes with everyone’s highlight reel.

4. Go for walks.

I find most my day-dreaming happens when I walk with my music on blast. I shut the world out and let the beats and lyrics give me ideas when I feel in a slump.

5. Learn something new.

Never stop learning, and never underestimate the power of the internet and Youtube (bless it) to teach you some amazing things.

6. Pick up a hobby/activity.

Try something creative or enroll in that Pilates or yoga class, or maybe buy that cookbook. Just fill your day with something that you can look forward to doing every day or even once a week.

7. Meet up with friends.

Not just ANY friends, but those who have dreams and aspirations too. When you feel negative, more negativity or dwelling upon it will not make it better. Find someone who lifts you up, and inspires you…and vice versa, be that little spice someone needs today.

8. Travel.

If you have that wee bit of money, just pack your bag and go...to a family member in another county, a friend in another city/suburb or even a day trip to IKEA's showrooms. Just go away for a bit to clear your brain and pick up inspiration somewhere new. No use brooding all alone in the house, it only magnifies the negativity already present.

Hope this little list gives you some help. Obviously there is more to do but thought I'd keep it short and sweet for you this time. You can't deal with everything all at once, so it's best to take it step by step. You are a graduate which means you are an accomplishment already. Never forget that. You have already come this far, give yourself a pat on the back for at least that :)

Happy Wednesday xx

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