Welcome to the last year of this textual/visual diary. Exploring words, spaces and aesthetics. 

I've grown up. ¦ poetry

I've grown up. ¦ poetry

"I think growing up teaches us to give up too fast.

Imagination becomes our enemy, dreams - our nightmares

Inspiration is drawn from the too-well calculated

Success deemed only possible from the conventional.

Weakness is shown by people being emotional,

Risks are labeled absolutely illogical.

Here I am trying to compete in a field with masters of cynism

At their table, their rules, their game, and goals for a success they pretend will ultimately be mine.

Growing up, has taught me to give up too fast."


After sifting through so much stock and fonts over the past week, I finally found a paper that resonates with my heart and fonts that I feel represent my word. I like things to be minimal and clean - but also represent who I am. Raw, confined, minimal, clean, fading.

Paper from/by

Yaolin-Yaolin on DeviantArt

I am hidden and I am not.

I am hidden and I am not.

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