Welcome to the last year of this textual/visual diary. Exploring words, spaces and aesthetics. 

When it rains, I pour.

And here I am rediscovering my love for photography once again. The joy of picking up a camera and taking photos of absolutely everything and nothing at the same time. It is beautiful, leaving the phone and picking up the camera for once.  I found myself home alone, singing along with the music on full blast, and snapping photos of the magnetically stuck raindrops on my window. Rain has always been a muse, since the age of 16. It fascinates me; It cradles you, transports you, soothes you and bothers you. Rain is somewhat like a state of mind really - I always feel like when you are at peace with the rain, you are at peace with yourself. Right now, I am at peace.

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Norwegian Wood | a new outlook on failure

Norwegian Wood | a new outlook on failure

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