Welcome to the last year of this textual/visual diary. Exploring words, spaces and aesthetics. 

"silence is better than bullshit"

I have lied.

In times of fear, uncertainty, shame. 

To save face and my ego. Sometimes for no reason at all.

Sometimes it builds up, and all gets out of control, when one lie is followed by another then another and in the end I'm not sure what the lie was cause somewhere down the line, I managed to convince myself it was the truth. So the lie becomes more convincing (than the truth).

Sometimes I catch myself mid lie and the little voice inside me says

"that was unnecessary. Why did you have to lie?"

So I drift off mid sentence into an abyss of thoughts till I forget what I was saying. The listening party gently taps me and asks

"you were saying?"

and like a wet cat being drawn out  of a well, I stand half dazed and reply 

"Oh, nothing." 

Advice | Poem

Advice | Poem

Residual | Poem

Residual | Poem