There are times I think "if I was single then..." and my heart quietly asks "...then what (smart arse)?

I feel that sometimes life is a silent battle between my head and my heart. The head, with all the given imagination and possibilities can think itself into a tizzy of ifs and what ifs and if onlys, that life is better off when solo. While the heart, quiet and unbothered is content. Love, personally, is my greatest asset and weakness by far. I overflow  with love that sometimes it hurts. When I love, I love with no half arsery. But it means I get hurt easier and often. And when I get hurt, my mind kicks in with a "fvck love!" attitude  and I get cold. But soon, I warm up again and so the cycle continues.


Art mirrors the mind.
—     Natan Vance

Model: Frida A @ Heartbreak Mgt/Pholk